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Wilkinson Read & Partners are trusted advisors to the legal profession. We have been helping law firms become more profitable for over fifteen years.

We help Senior Partners, Managing Partners and other law firm management staff face the challenges of today’s economy and legal market head on. We bring clarity of thought and years of experience to bear on our clients' most pressing problems.

Our expertise lies in Financial Management and Business Development, and we are recognised experts on Cash Management for Law Firms. For firms practicing the law, management can be the most pressing challenge - and our results speak for themselves, in the profitable partnerships we help to develop.

In such a competitive market as the law, finance and profitability are crucial. We help firms faced with financial difficulties unlock extra cash and boost their Profit per Equity Partner.

We also help the most profitable firms plan their future success, growing top and bottom lines sustainably.

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CLT - Cashflow in Law Firms: The Essential Guide to the essential resource

Date: 2016-09-29

Managing Partners and Finance Directors of Law Firms regularly say that Cashflow is their biggest concern. Hardly surprising, since they know that without cash, businesses die. Even profitable ones. Even seemingly very profitable Law Firms.

Law Firms, Partners and the Legal Press obsess about Profit, but pay far less attention to Cashflow – and yet as one American author wrote “Every major Law Firm which has gone under had plenty of profit right up to the day it died”.

How can this be? Lawyers may assume that Profit and Cash flow should be the same, or similar, but accountants understand that this can be far from the truth. Hence the saying “Profit is an opinion, Cash is Reality”

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