Many thanks - I found the seminar very helpful and I think it could easily have been expanded to a day plus

- Jeremy Parker
Partner, Widdows Pilling

Improving Performance throughout the Business Pipeline

Date: 06.09.2010

A key theme in our approach to performance management in law firms is to collaboratively set professional standards, together with each key group of fee-earners. Individuals must know what they are expected to achieve, and how their current performance compares to these objectives.

Law Firm Strategy in an Uncertain Economy

Date: 11.08.2010

Strategy is not just about setting a vision; it is also a question of the day to day imperatives that will make that vision achievable. We may or may not be heading for a double dip in the economy, but the issue of dealing with growth is one that all law firm managers should be considering as both an opportunity and a threat.

Sustainable Business Development for Law Firms

Date: 03.08.2010

In a tough economic climate, law business development means focusing on getting more work from existing clients and contacts. This means a strong and clear focus on the firmís strengths, cross-selling and up-selling, referrals from satisfied clients, and introductions from allies.

Banks, Law Firm Profitability and Management Information

Date: 30.07.2010

Law firms have traditionally held a quite uniquely privileged position in their relationships with bankers. Lawyers have been low-risk, profitable customers for the banks for a number of reasons, and this law firm profitability has allowed firms access to funding on extremely favourable terms, often with a minimum of security.

Solicitor Training and Support: Your Most Valuable Asset

Date: 24.06.2010

All professional service firms maintain that their people are their greatest asset, and many include outstanding working conditions in their mission statements. However, a reduced focus on solicitor training in non-technical areas, increasing levels of staff turnover and a trend of lateral hiring demonstrates that in many cases this does not ring true.

Managing Law Firm Profitability during a Recession

Date: 04.11.2009

Recessions change the rules of the game in all industries. The legal sector is no exception, and the urgency of change is even greater for law firms than for many other businesses. This recession coincides with the Legal Services Act of 2007 to put unprecedented pressure on law firm margins.
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