I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your encouragement, motivation, vision and advice – never mind the external support you have provided. I have absolutely no doubt that if we continue to take the bull by the horns, as we have and will continue to, that we will emerge as the strongest firm in our area.  

- Debbie Hackney
Director, Nowell Mellor Solicitors, 3 Directors, West Midlands

The Silver Lining: Recession and Law Firm Profitability

Date: 20.09.2009

The economic downturn has affected almost all areas of British industry, and law firm profitability is no exception. The majority of larger firms, with sufficient financial capital and diversity of practice, will more than likely weather the storm.

Happy Clients: Marketing a Law Firm and Client Retention

Date: 29.07.2009

Most lawyers value their work by their technical ability in representing their clients, and this is only to be expected in any profession with such high standards of technical competency. However, what many forget is that clients are often unable to establish what actually constitutes excellent legal representation in technical terms.

First Impressions: Prospects and Marketing for Law Firms

Date: 20.02.2009

When it comes to turning prospects into clients, and one-off visitors into loyal customers, first impressions can be of crucial importance.
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