Barry is one of the few non-lawyers who command sufficient credibility within the legal world to make lawyers sit up and listen.

- Christopher Jenkins
Senior Partner, Wingrave Yeats

Never Lose Faith

Date: 02.07.2012

Over recent weeks we have presented at a number of seminars and conferences and wherever possible we take the time to listen to the other presenters and their perspectives on the current legal market.

More for Less - Again!

Date: 30.05.2012

A recent headline in the Law Society Gazette picked up on Professor Richard Susskind's suggestion at the Law Management Section conference that pressure from major clients is likely to force down legal budgets by as much as 50% within a few years – with a commensurate expectation of reduced fee rates for firms.

Maximising Your (Firm's) Potential

Date: 28.04.2012

It is clear that for a law firm to succeed, it must have good lawyers – this is a necessary condition, but it is no longer sufficient for success. Firms must also be able to attract business (make rain) and manage the business at a profit.

Understanding Your Business

Date: 29.03.2012

The business of selling legal services is in essence very much like any other business that sells a product or service. It should fundamentally be a set of simple processes; and it pays to keep it simple.

Cash Is Tight Because.......

Date: 29.02.2012

At a Managing Partners’ conference earlier in February there was almost unanimity about the fact that, however well firms are doing, cash is very tight at the moment – a real cause for concern.

The Client Journey

Date: 29.02.2012

Most firms are just beginning to review their business development plans for the coming financial year.
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