Many thanks - I found the seminar very helpful and I think it could easily have been expanded to a day plus

- Jeremy Parker
Partner, Widdows Pilling

Consistent Communication

Date: 25.10.2010

Having identified your ideal client type, the next step is to decide on the best methods of communication with those clients and prospects – and to understand the cost implications of the strategy.

‘Anything with (or without) a pulse!’

Date: 20.10.2010

In a recent Business Development workshop we posed the question to our clients – who is your ideal client? The immediate response came back, ‘anything with – or without – a pulse!’

Different Work Types - Different Challenges

Date: 08.10.2010

As the profession gears up for the changes to come over the next year, discussion centres around the impact across the sector. No doubt there will be wide-ranging consequences for firms in different geographical and commercial markets, and individual experiences will vary.

Developing the Business Development Habit

Date: 23.09.2010

As Stephen Covey famously pointed out, being successful is all about habits – and business development is no exception. In order to achieve consistently greater returns, business developers (i.e. everyone with an external-facing role in a law firm) need to discover the actions that lead to success, and then perform them habitually.

Managing for Efficiency in a Competitive Market

Date: 21.09.2010

New research again suggests that the majority of solicitors view the introduction of ABS next year as a threat – and that concern is most acute amongst those involved in Conveyancing and other high volume, more transactional work.

Professional Indemnity Boost for Small Law Firms

Date: 03.09.2010

A glimmer of hope has appeared in an otherwise tough year (to say the least) in the market for professional indemnity insurance for small and medium sized solicitors. It was announced yesterday that a new insurer has entered the solicitors? PII market, and will be looking to ensure smaller firms.
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