You continue to exceed my expectations! The value that you have brought to the firm has been immeasurable in helping all partners to become more financially aware, so that we can move forward together

- Jon Andrews
Joint Managing Partner, Rowlands Solicitors LLP

Fear or Opportunity on the High Street???

Date: 26.08.2010

There has been yet more fear mongering in the legal press as small law firms anticipate the entry of ABSs into the legal market from next year. According to a recent study, almost 90% of lawyers in the small high street law firms surveyed fear for their future in the context of the coming changes.

Managing People; Managing Profits

Date: 24.08.2010

Managing law firm profits is often about more than just the financial aspects of management – managing people can be just as important to long term profitability.

Economic Uncertainty: Focus on Law Firm Profitability

Date: 19.08.2010

In an economy that promises to be ‘choppy’ for some time to come, and in a legal sector where ‘choppy’ would be an optimistic description of the outlook, managers could do worse than to focus on law firm profitability.

Law Firm Profitability and the Banking Relationship

Date: 16.08.2010

One point underlined by the most recent Quarterly Inflation Report from the Monetary Policy Committee is that bank lending is one of the factors acting as “headwinds to the recovery” – i.e. credit will remain hard to come by as the economy struggles on.

Double Dips and Law Firm Strategy

Date: 12.08.2010

With the Bank of England now forecasting lower growth and higher inflation for the UK economy, the threat of a double dip recession is a real (albeit far from certain) possibility. This is something law firm management can ill afford to ignore.

Billable Hours and Law Firm Profitability

Date: 10.08.2010

A recurring theme in our meetings with clients and on the conference trail is that hallmark of the legal profession – the much-maligned ‘billable hour’. That this issue is here to stay is shown by its appearance in comment even outside the profession, getting a mention last month in The Economist.
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