Although you came to me highly recommended by another Solicitor, I am amazed at how, in such a short space of time, you have managed to gain a clear picture of the firm and the issues facing it in the future

- Nick Button
Managing Partner, Button & Co Solicitors

Lawyers, Newspapers and the Future of Law

Date: 20.01.2010

We have been involved in a discussion recently about the impact of the internet on the provision of legal services – and specifically whether law firms will face the same problems as newspapers, i.e. strategic confusion, and how to adapt their business model to continue adding value.

Law of Communication

Date: 24.12.2009

There is a very interesting debate going on at the moment over on the Law Society Gazette’s LinkedIn group about the role of non-lawyers, and whether 2010 will see an influx of new external talent into firm management. Any LinkedIn members would be well advised to check it out, and to get involved.

Developing Business through the Database

Date: 02.12.2009

It is commonplace to hear that cash in the legal market is in short supply – and, with the possibility of the economy emerging from recession in the next year, firms looking to grow again will have an even greater need for cash to stay solvent. Tighter budgets aside, how does this impact on the day to day operations of business developers?

The Growth Imperative

Date: 03.11.2009

We may not yet be out of the recessionary woods, but many firms are now (rightly) looking to the future, and considering their options for growth and development. In the past, this was something of a no-brainer – firms grew year on year, in some cases growing simply for the sake of growth itself.

Help Needed!

Date: 20.10.2009

We like to think of ourselves as thought leaders when it comes to the legal marketplace, and we hope that you are starting to think the same as you read this blog and visit our website.

Detailed Development

Date: 07.10.2009

Strategy is about more than setting a vision or agreeing on a general course of action. It also involves setting out the specific milestones on the roadmap – the actions that will need to be implemented to achieve the vision.
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