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Welcome to the Wilkinson Read blog


This will be the first of a regular series of weekly blogs where our aim is to provide thought-provoking comment on issues of relevance to solicitors and other professionals running Partnerships.

At Wilkinson Read we specialise in ‘Making Partnerships More Profitable’. With this in mind you will be hearing from me Barry Wilkinson as Senior Partner and my colleague Simon White on a variety of subjects and topics - all of which will be relevant to helping you run your business and maximize the returns from all your firms’ available resources.

Topics such as ‘Cash Management for Law Firms’ - a subject underlined by our Sector Report which I was asked to write by publishers, Ark Group - has been released today and is available directly through them. In the report, we identify the major factors impacting on a firm’s cash flow, and then go on to provide detailed strategies for improved cash management.

Simon, is our marketing guru and will be dealing with Business Development, Marketing and Sales issues facing professional firms today.

We hope you will find our blogs informative as well as enjoyable and we would actively encourage any constructive comments you may wish to make.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Barry Wilkinson

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