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The Legal Services Act and Legal Service Standards...

We regularly ask clients to evaluate themselves and their colleagues across a range of criteria. We have found that, unsurprisingly and quite understandably, most lawyers pride themselves first and foremost on their legal skills.

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The Importance of Non-Lawyers

I recently read a post on the Law Gazette’s blog entitled ‘Professional managers must be accepted into law firms, and fast’. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

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Developing your Business during Recession

Now that times are tough, many firms seem to be taking the (somewhat short-sighted) view that non-fee earning functions ought to be the first to be cut back.

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Cash is King in Recession

While panic still seems to be dominating opinion in much of the legal press, a number of commentators (this one included) have sought to provide practical recession response advice.

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Welcome to the Wilkinson Read blog

This will be the first of a regular series of weekly blogs where our aim is to provide thought-provoking comment on issues of relevance to solicitors and other professionals running Partnerships.

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Lawyers, Newspapers and the Future of Law

We have been involved in a discussion recently about the impact of the internet on the provision of legal services – and specifically whether law firms will face the same problems as newspapers, i.e. strategic confusion, and how to adapt their business model to continue adding value.

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