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LawNet - Introduction to Finance Workshop

2 Apr 2020 -
9:00 AM - 4:00PM
2 Apr 2020 -
9:00 AM - 4:00PM
Ticket Cost
LawNet Members Only

LawNet - Introduction to Finance Workshop

Fee earners are trained to understand the Law but not the Business of Law. This course helps to fill that gap.

It explains How Law Firms Make Money, How Law Firms Are Funded, and Where Fee Earners Can Make a Difference. More Money from Less Funding. It is about Financial management (looking forward) rather than Accounts (looking backward).

The focus is on the understanding of the process of making money in a law firm and how that process affects the amount of funding required to run the firm. This includes understanding the vital difference between profit and cash flow, and why this can mean that successful, growing firms can run out of cash!

How to register

Due to the Corona Virus this course is currently postponed.

This workshop is open LawNet members only

If firms are interested in booking this workshop for their fee earners please contact Michelle Walsh

Tel: 02476433420 or e-mail: