I am staggered by the accuracy with which you have been able to understand what makes our firm 'tick' in such a short period of time

- Jonathan Davies
Partner, Fruhman Davies Livingstone

Performance Measurement - Misleading Indicators?

Date: 17.05.2013

Some of the recent changes in the market could mean that in some firms the main performance indicators which are used may not be giving a true picture of current performance

Staying Out of Financial Difficulty

Date: 17.05.2013

Following our article in March addressing the issues raised by the identification of three key financial warning signs that the SRA will use to assess firms’ financial stability, the SRA has now announced that it has identified 150 firms it deems to be in ‘very serious financial difficulty’.

Mind your P's and Q's

Date: 24.03.2013

With the recent announcement by the SRA of three key financial ‘warning signs’ it will use to assess  law firms’ financial stability over the next year, the imperative is becoming ever clearer for firms to get their financial houses in order, or face the threat of regulatory action – and even insolvency.

Tightening the Gastric Band

Date: 24.03.2013

Two years ago, while undertaking the research for our white paper Beyond ABS – The Future for Independent Law Firms, we coined the phrase ‘the gastric band’ in reference to the three forces that are creating a seemingly ever-stronger squeeze on the middle section of the UK legal market.

Profit Improvement: Big Opportunities and Quick Wins

Date: 26.02.2013

Declining profits and excessive borrowings are the issues that for many firms cause the biggest headache, and this question is currently leading to sleepless nights around the country – but it is often the case that not knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle to making major improvements to your firm’s finances.

How Buyers Buy

Date: 30.01.2013

In a recent piece of research, Hinge Marketing and the Rain Group looked at how buyers choose their service provider in various professional service markets. They looked at over 500 sellers and 800 buyers of Business to Business professional services .
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