You continue to exceed my expectations! The value that you have brought to the firm has been immeasurable in helping all partners to become more financially aware, so that we can move forward together

- Jon Andrews
Joint Managing Partner, Rowlands Solicitors LLP

Rethinking the Legal Business Model

Date: 29.11.2010

The situation for high street and SME law firms is becoming notoriously challenging. After years of prosperity, characterised by consistent growth and enviable profit margins, the effects of the property crash, recession and the difficulties experienced by many firms in this year?s Professional Indemnity insurance market have created an understandably pessimistic mood in the sector.

The Outsourced Alternative

Date: 25.11.2010

Make or buy decisions have long been an important element of the strategy of creating and capturing value in management theory and practice – and such decisions have traditionally been given little thought by managers in the legal sector. However, the announcement this week that partners at city firm CMS Cameron McKenna have voted to outsource much of their support function to Integreon confirms that this is an issue the profession is starting to address.

The Future of Legal Aid

Date: 19.11.2010

The proposed cuts to the provision of civil Legal Aid announced this week need no introducing (more on the details here and on the Law Society’s campaign here). The impact will be felt keenly by many across society, but the effect on firms operating in the area could be similarly devastating.

Whether by Merger

Date: 10.11.2010

Last week’s Law Society Gazette highlighted an issue that has been on the horizon for some time – the pressure to consolidate in the mid-tier section of the market – and this is a trend that is only going to become more apparent over the next year.

The Process of Getting Ahead

Date: 03.11.2010

Effective management of a law firm does not just mean strong financial management and innovative business development. It is also imperative that firms tighten up their systems and processes and make best use of technology in order to deliver a streamlined service to clients, focusing on the expertise of the lawyers and the firm as a whole.

Forecasting the Future

Date: 27.10.2010

We have been suggesting for some time that the banks will only become more stringent in their lending criteria. This has been consistently supported by bankers working within the sector – who have made the point that law firms must clearly be strong and have viable lending propositions, and that well-managed firms will continue to be supported by their lenders.
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