I am staggered by the accuracy with which you have been able to understand what makes our firm 'tick' in such a short period of time

- Jonathan Davies
Partner, Fruhman Davies Livingstone

Professional Indemnity Renewals: That Time of Year Again

Date: 30.07.2010

Ever since the Professional Indemnity Insurance renewal date for solicitors was moved to October 1st, July has been the month for brokers and others in the market to urge firms to get their proposals in. This is not advice to be ignored.

Building Trust, Developing Business

Date: 14.06.2010

Trust is as vital as any factor in developing successful business relationships and is at the core of the strategies we pursue in our Profitable Partnerships Programme. In an effort to engender trust earlier in the relationship-building process, many professionals spend huge amounts of time and money trying to establish credibility.

Value Pricing

Date: 14.05.2010

Without doubt one of the biggest concerns that comes up in conversation with clients and contacts in the legal world is the fear of having to quote competitive fixed fees, the impact that will have on business and how to respond. With economic pressures likely to be compounded by the implications of the Legal Services Act, this is an issue that will be with us for some time and could dominate the management agenda throughout 2010 and beyond.

The Business of Relationships

Date: 14.05.2010

In a hectic business world of networking events, seminars and conferences, a systematic campaign to keep in touch with key contacts is a crucial strategy for maintaining the sustainable business development pipeline.

Transforming the Business Development Process

Date: 16.04.2010

Most fee-earners fail at Business Development because the typical sales process involves a combination of constant networking, fishing for introductions, and some direct marketing. This can be an exhausting and demoralising road to travel, and ultimately leaves an insecure pipeline of often small, one-off invoices not to mention the high cost of sale and the time this takes away from other fee-earning work.

"We never used to have an overdraft, but..."

Date: 13.04.2010

One of the most common complaints we hear from managing partners is "we never used to have an overdraft, but . . ."
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