The course was jam packed with ideas and sound practical advice on strategies for coming through the recession given by people with the widest possible experience of private practice. Already there are changes we have been able to make which are bearing fruit.

- Peter Wiseman
Senior Partner, Rutherfords Solicitors

"Thinly Capitalized Workers' Cooperatives"

Date: 06.04.2010

Back in November of last year, we wrote that the upturn would present significant difficulties for overstretched firms, in terms of working capital and funding requirements (see The Growth Imperative). As far back as May 2009, we commented that surviving the downturn would require a re-prioritisation of cash flow above profits and other traditional measures of success within the sector (see Cash is King in Recession).

Sustainable Business Development Post-Recession

Date: 23.03.2010

In a tough economic climate, all firms should be focusing on getting more work from existing clients and contacts. This means a strong and clear focus on the firm’s strengths, cross-selling and up-selling, referrals from satisfied clients, and introductions from allies.

Using Management Information for Performance Improvement

Date: 19.03.2010

Setting the StandardsA key theme in our approach to performance management is to collaboratively set professional standards, together with each key group of fee-earners. Individuals must know what they are expected to achieve, and how their current performance compares to these objectives.

Filling the Pipeline with Client Care

Date: 15.02.2010

Just as there is, more than ever, an economic imperative to ‘flush’ cash through, it is vital for firms of all sizes to ensure they are managing the front end of their pipeline. Technical expertise is only valuable as long as the fee earner is achieving sufficient client instructions – from new or existing clients.

Unblocking the Pipeline

Date: 12.02.2010

As the UK slowly emerges from recession, it is worth considering the impact on cash flow in small and medium sized businesses across the land. As has been acknowledged elsewhere, an upturn can be a dangerous time, putting extra strain on a firm’s cash flow and working capital management.

Profiting from Fixed Fees

Date: 25.01.2010

We discussed this issue back in September and, looking at the discussion going on over on LinkedIn, it seems as though the debate isn’t going to abate.
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