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Recommended Reading


Barry Wilkinson - Cash Flow Management for Law Firms

Barry Wilkinson has updated his book Cash Management for Law Firms published in 2009 to look at the changes within the legal market over the last 4 years and the impact that has had on law firms.  Published by the Ark Group the book looks at the key issues firms need to learn from and address to survive in the new look legal village.



Barry Wilkinson - Cash Management for Law Firms

Barry Wilkinson’s book, Cash Management for Law Firms, is published by the Ark Group and establishes the root causes of cash management problems, setting out a clear strategy to reduce lock-up and enhance law firm profitability and business certainty in increasingly difficult times.


The Visual Display of Quantitative Information - Edward Tufte

Justifiably named by Amazon as one of the best 100 non-fiction books of the 20th Century. Invaluable for those (including Managing Partners and Finance Directors) who need to display quantitative information in a comprehensible format.

Beating Low Cost Competition - Adrian Ryans

This book is a practical guide that will help executives in traditional companies develop winning strategies to meet the growing challenge from low cost competitors.

The Professional's Guide to Value Pricing - Ron Baker

A thorough introduction to the topic, especially relevant for firms where fixed fees are having an increasing impact (i.e. most of the profession over the next few years).

The End of Lawyers? - Richard Susskind

Controversial and thought-provoking. Although to be taken with a pinch of salt, Susskind's thoughts on the commoditisation of legal services and the potential impact of technology going forwards are worth reading.

Managing the Professional Service Firm - David Maister

Certainly the most relevant management book for the legal profession. Contains a wealth of practical advice and examples and should really be the starting point for new partners/managers.

Strategy and the Fat Smoker - David Maister

Rather like the fat smoker of the title, this collection of articles argues that most managing and senior partners know what they should be doing to achieve their strategic aims. The problem comes in the implementation. As ever, contains some really helpful practical guidance on how to implement strategy successfully.

Good to Great - Jim Collins

Some of his examples seem a little dated, but there are some very useful concepts here for firms looking to develop and outpace the competition.

Practice What You Preach - David Maister

Practice What You Preach can help any manger increase profitability and provides proof that great financial rewards come from living up to the standards that most businesses advocate, but few achieve.

Built to Last - James Collins

Built to Last - Successful Habits of Visionary Companies is a book which outlines the results of a six year research project into what makes enduring great companies. It provides a master blueprint for building organisations that will prosper long into the twenty first century and beyond.

The Creative Habit - Twyla Tharp

For Twyla Tharp, creativity is no mystery; it is the product of hard work and preparation, of knowing one's aims and one's subject, of learning from approaches taken in the past. It is a process undertaken every day. It is a habit. A programmatic, inspiring, encouraging guide to help each of us achieve our fullest creative potential.

Making It Happen - John Harvey-Jones

In this completely updated and new edition of the number one best-selling business title, John Harvey Jones shows how it is possible to run a company with time and respect for everyone involved and how this enables a company to excel.

Mind Over Matter - Ronald Baker

A must read for executives, managers and leaders and anyone concerned with getting and keeping a job in the twenty first century economy. Mind Over Matter will inspire and challenge readers to unlock the enormous financial and competitive power hidden in the intellectual capital of their corporations.

Pricing on Purpose - Ronald Baker

The book presents the theory of value, long established in economics and details how any business can use various pricing strategies to create, communicate and capture the value of their products and services. If the purpose of your business is to add value to customers in order to earn profits, Pricing on Purpose can be incredibly valuable to your business!

Rain Making - Ford Harding

In this new edition of his classic book, Ford Harding reveals step by step how, even if you've never sold a product in you life, you can become a top performer in your organisation. Filled with easy to use strategies, checklists, tables and guides.

The Trusted Advisor - David Maister

This is a guide to preofessional success. In the modern world of business, it is all about the ability to earn the client's trust and thereby win the ability to influence them. In these high risk times, trust is more valuable than gold. This detailed resource book provides readers with the five crucial steps they need for developing, managing and improving client confidence.

Meatball Sundae - Seth Godin

Meatball Sundae is an essential guide to the fundamental shift taking place in the marketing and business world and shows you how to align your business to it.

Crucial Conversations - Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

The first edition of Crucial Conversations exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way millions of people communicate when stakes are high. This new edition gives you the tools to:

  • Prepare for high-stakes situations
  • Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue
  • Make it safe to talk about almost anything
  • Be persuasive, not abrasive

Influencer - Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

A thought-provoking book that combines the remarkable insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders with the astonishing stories of high-powered influencers from all walks of life. You'll be taught each and every step of the influence process-including robust strategies for making change inevitable in your personal life, your business, and your world. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify a handful of high-leverage behaviors that lead to rapid and profound change.
  • Apply strategies for changing both thoughts and actions.
  • Marshall six sources of influence to make change inevitable.
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