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Proving Profitablity

For many law firms, the challenge is not so much achieving satisfactory profits, as being able to demonstrate to the bank manager that they are a financially successful business with sufficient levels of partnership profit, that deserves support.

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Profitable Partnerships Programme

For partners and fee earners practicing in all areas of law, business development skills are crucial. This law firm business development programme helps partners and key solicitors to measurably and sustainably improve business development performance and profitability.

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90 Day Finance Programme

For firms practicing the law, finance has become a more fundamental issue than ever before. Our 90 Day Finance Programme is the perfect solution for law firms facing extra pressure on their finances, in what are increasingly tough times.


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In a legal market being transformed by the processes of deregulation resulting from the Legal Services Act, globalisation and technological change, there is a real threat to the independence of medium-sized firms.

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