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I was sceptical at first that I could do more than I was already doing, or work in a more efficient way.  However after several meetings with Barry things started to change in my mind set which meant opportunities were identified which had previously been missed.  His understanding on my specialist area of law, how I worked best as an individual, not only made me more focused but was instrumental in assisting me to obtain the confidence to develop cold contacts into warm contacts, which produced work from clients who I previously thought were completely out of my league.

Judith Rowntree, Lawnet Young Lawyer of the Year 2013, Gardner Leader Solicitors

To say a massive thank you for all your support, especially to my fellow Director over the holiday period. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your encouragement, motivation, vision and advice – never mind the external support you have provided. I have absolutely no doubt that if we continue to take the bull by the horns, as we have and will continue to, that we will emerge as the strongest firm in our area.

Debbie Hackney - Director
Nowell Mellor Solicitors, 3 Directors - West Midlands 

“We attended a Lawnet seminar delivered by Wilkinson Read early in 2011, and subsequently asked them to review our Financial Management. Like many firms we responded to the recession by cutting back in some departments, and having been through the pain we now want to enhance our financial performance. Barry was able to identify areas where we could improve both cash flow and profit in very practical ways far more quickly than we had hoped – and they are now paying off so that we can be far more confident than we were a year ago.”

Martin Whitworth – Managing Partner
Gotelee Solicitors, 16 Partners - Ipswich

"Wilkinson Read have demonstrated a genuine and comprehensive understanding of our business development needs, and Simon White has brought his considerable experience and boundless enthusiasm to help us to sharpen our focus and to create a sense of urgency in our business development strategy."

Steven Payne – Managing Partner
Gepp & Sons, 7 Partners - Chelmsford

“Two Partners from Gardner Leader attended this seminar which Wilkinson Read delivered with Lawnet in 2011. The first part of the seminar left us in no doubt about the challenge we, and firms like us, have to face up to - the likely market developments can seem quite daunting – but as the day progressed , the actions we can take became clearer, and confirmed our belief that we can navigate our way through. It forced us to think deeply about our business and tackle some difficult practical issues locally, but without being complacent we are far more confident about our future – as individuals and as a firm. It’s hard work , but it’s also invigorating.”

Derek Rodgers – Managing Partner
Gardner Leader Solicitors, 12 Partners - Newbury

"Applying the techniques from this programme has already enabled me to transform my practice. Six months ago we were making people redundant. Today we are managing a constant pipeline of new work – on one day this week alone we gained five new jobs. I only wish I had been taught this fifteen years ago!”

Chris Davies – Commercial Property Partner
John Collins & Partners LLP, 20 Partners - Swansea

“I am staggered by the accuracy with which you have been able to understand what makes our firm ‘tick’ in such a short period of time. I am confident that this will help us to remain a highly profitable law firm as we continue to go from strength to strength.”

Jonathan Davies – Partner
Fruhman Davies Livingstone – 5 Partners, Manchester

“You continue to exceed my expectations! The value that you have brought to the firm has been immeasurable in helping all partners to become more financially aware, so that we can move forward together. I have personally found your counsel, support and occasional cajoling to be a great help, especially in navigating issues where the Managing Partner can sometimes be left exposed. I would recommend you to any Managing Partner who wants to move their firm forward in an increasingly uncertain legal market.”

Jon Andrews - Joint Managing Partner
Rowlands Solicitors LLP, 19 Partners - Manchester

“The thoroughness and transparency of your approach, even when faced with complex issues, is a great comfort to me as managing partner both in understanding your recommendations and enabling me to convince our partners of their validity . . . Your advice is always appreciated. I am therefore happy to recommend you to any practice which seriously wishes to tackle its cost base.”

John Seigal – Managing Partner
Clintons Solicitors, 18 Partners – Covent Garden

“We have entered a bigger league and your analysis has clearly distinguished those issues which are important and urgent, from the trivial. Your action template will act as my checklist for a considerable time to come."

"Your course, Improving the Profitability of your Law Firm, at the Warwickshire Law Society was the first time that I have seen you confront the complete law firm financial pipeline, from increasing sales through to improving billing and collections. The course strengthened further my confidence in the depth and breadth of your experience, and underlined your expertise with regard to a range of issues."

Peter Jones – Managing Partner
Smith Jones Solicitors (formerly Farnworths), 5 Partners – Burnley


“From the first smaller projects over 5 years ago, through to the very sophisticated Bradford & Bingley Car Ownership Scheme more recently, we have become comfortable that our initial expectations would always be exceeded. This has at different times meant greater cost reductions, enhanced supplier relationships or when closing facilities, an earlier a disposal. You never seem to lose focus on results!!”

Sandy Duncan - Director of Group Purchasing
Bradford & Bingley

“I am extremely impressed with the work you have carried out so far. Although you came to me highly recommended by another Solicitor, I am amazed at how, in such a short space of time, you have managed to gain a clear picture of the firm and the issues facing it in the future.”

Nick Button – Managing Partner
Button & Co Solicitors, 3 Partners – Coventry

“Wilkinson Read & Partners and Gibbens Waterfield have helped my practice generate a saving of over £30,000”

Mike Franklin - Managing Partner
Franklins Solicitors, 8 Partners - Northants

"I have worked with a number of consultants in my time at John Collins & Partners, and I would like to say that you are not only the most professional that I have worked with, but that you also continue to deliver results that help to keep the firm developing and setting the standards in our area. For a non-lawyer, you have an excellent grasp of the business and partnership issues affecting our firm, and I am keen to ensure that we benefit fully from your support."

Keith Thomas - Head of Clinical Negligence
John Collins & Partners LLP, Commercial Solictors, 20 Partners - Swansea

“Barry has worked with my law firm for over 5 years on a variety of financial and performance based projects and in every case he has committed himself totally and effectively into his work with us achieving commensurate results which have always benefitted us significantly. He is also a great personal mentor to have in one's armoury.”

Steve Penny - Managing Partner
JCP Solicitors – 20 Partners, Swansea


“A positive and inspiring speaker;  I couldn’t help but be impressed by the queue of solicitors waiting to talk to Barry after his impromptu workshop at the recent LMS annual conference. “

Jane Beacham - Managing Partner

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