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Poetry & Performance Management: Implementing Strategy

Nicola Jones of Athena Legal discusses strategies for managing performance. Download Poetry and Performance Management: Ways of Implementing Strategy as a pdf document. “No man is an island, entire of itself.” John Donne, Meditation XVII Perhaps it is apt that Donne is meditating on …

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Is the Time Right to Incorporate?

David Gibbens of Poole Waterfield discusses the implications of the decision to incorporate. Download Is the Time Right to Incorporate? as a pdf document. For many law firms, just as for businesses in any industry, deciding on the right business structure can …

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COFA and COLP - The Need for Compliance

Richard Lane at Legal Finance Professionals explains the SRA's new COFA and COLP regulations. Download COFA and COLP - The Need for Compliance as a pdf document. The SRA Authorisation Rules 2011, which forms part of the SRA Handbook, imposes a requirement on …

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Strategic Planning for Law Firms

Steven Treharne, Managing Partner of Mogers Solicitors LLP, gives his take on law firm strategy planning.  Download Strategic Planning for Law Firms as a pdf. Accepting an Unknown Future   The first hurdle to overcome is to accept that lawyers sometimes find it difficult …

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Re-shaping Your Firm and How to Pay for It

Chris Marston, Head of professional Practices at Lloyds TSB Commercial, takes a look at how solicitors firms can compete against external capital. Download Re-shaping Your Firm – and How to Pay for It as a pdf. The SRA is now at last …

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Beyond ABS: Managing Partner Article

The market for legal services is undergoing a unique period of change and many commentators have been predicting consolidation, the entry of low-cost competitors and changes in ownership structures. We wanted to get the perspectives of those on the front …

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