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The Three Forces and Profitable Partnerships

Every lawyer knows that, come October 6th 2011, the legal market will be subject to deregulation and the introduction of ABS. Many even recognise that this is likely to impact on their business. However, 80% of partners in law firms …

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Legal Business Development - Profiling & Communication

In a recent Business Development workshop we posed the question to our clients “ who is your ideal client?" The immediate response came back, anything with or without a pulse! For many solicitors, this has been the case for many years. …

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Improving Performance throughout the Business Pipeline

A key theme in our approach to performance management in law firms is to collaboratively set professional standards, together with each key group of fee-earners. Individuals must know what they are expected to achieve, and how their current performance compares …

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Law Firm Strategy in an Uncertain Economy

Strategy is not just about setting a vision; it is also a question of the day to day imperatives that will make that vision achievable. We may or may not be heading for a double dip in the economy, but …

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Banks, Law Firm Profitability and Management Information

Law firms have traditionally held a quite uniquely privileged position in their relationships with bankers. Lawyers have been low-risk, profitable customers for the banks for a number of reasons, and this law firm profitability has allowed firms access to funding …

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Solicitor Training and Support: Your Most Valuable Asset

All professional service firms maintain that their people are their greatest asset, and many include outstanding working conditions in their mission statements. However, a reduced focus on solicitor training in non-technical areas, increasing levels of staff turnover and a trend …

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