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Solicitor Training and Support: Your Most Valuable Asset

All professional service firms maintain that their people are their greatest asset, and many include outstanding working conditions in their mission statements. However, a reduced focus on solicitor training in non-technical areas, increasing levels ...

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Managing Law Firm Profitability during a Recession

Recessions change the rules of the game in all industries. The legal sector is no exception, and the urgency of change is even greater for law firms than for many other businesses. This recession coincides with the Legal Services Act of 2007 to put u...

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The Silver Lining: Recession and Law Firm Profitability

The economic downturn has affected almost all areas of British industry, and law firm profitability is no exception. The majority of larger firms, with sufficient financial capital and diversity of practice, will more than likely weather the storm. H...

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First Impressions: Prospects and Marketing for Law Firms

When it comes to turning prospects into clients, and one-off visitors into loyal customers, first impressions can be of crucial importance. Download First Impressions: Prospects and Marketing for Law Firms as a pdf document Eight Easy Marketin...

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Happy Clients: Marketing a Law Firm and Client Retention

Most lawyers value their work by their technical ability in representing their clients, and this is only to be expected in any profession with such high standards of technical competency. However, what many forget is that clients are often unable to ...

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