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The Misery Index

When the COVID 19 Crisis struck the Chancellor acted very quickly to help affected businesses and employees with the CJRS Furlough and a range of Government backed loans.

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The Sting in the Spring

I was talking to a client last week about his cash flow position, and the impact of lockdown. His answer was enlightening. He said “We are living in a fool’s paradise”.

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Financial Management

The cash flow forecast - the essential tool

The Covid 19 virus and resultant lockdown is putting firms finances under pressure - and leaders are looking to the finance teams for guidance.

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People talking

Sanity, Vanity, Reality

Whenever I start a finance workshop with Partners, especially Managing Partners I ask the delegates what their most pressing issues are.

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There's a Crunch Coming

Even firms which have always been conservatively managed, have healthy cash reserves and have not borrowed from the banks will face major cash outflows over the next year.

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