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Who you know

Last Year's Best Client Can Introduce You To This Year's Best Client

If only you knew how to ask….

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Beyond Benchmarking

How ambitious is your firm? Are you happy to perform in line with the benchmarks for your peers; are you aiming higher; or is money in fact not your primary purpose? If not, what motivates you?

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The Future for Law Firms

The Law Society has this week released a new report, The Future of Legal Services, seeking to identify the key drivers for change in the legal market, predict how lawyers' interests may change, and highlight likely

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measurement matters

Measurement Matters

Our regular readers will know that one of the management mantras to which we try to adhere is “what gets measured gets better”. For an extreme illustration of thinking underlying this, we only have to look at the recent experiences of Volkswagen diesel cars!

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Twin Pillars or Foolish Systems?

It has been said that Warren Buffet has just two rules: rule number one, “don’t lose money”, and rule number two, “never forget rule number one”.

Pricing and managing costs in law firms used to be almost this simple.

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first impression

The Customer Experience

For some years we have focused on the ‘client journey’ as a way of engaging with the client’s experience with a firm, from first hearing of the firm’s services through to becoming (and remaining) a loyal client.

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