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Twin Pillars or Foolish Systems?

It has been said that Warren Buffet has just two rules: rule number one, “don’t lose money”, and rule number two, “never forget rule number one”.

Pricing and managing costs in law firms used to be almost this simple.

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first impression

The Customer Experience

For some years we have focused on the ‘client journey’ as a way of engaging with the client’s experience with a firm, from first hearing of the firm’s services through to becoming (and remaining) a loyal client.

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Improving Management - Improving Performance

It is often said that a manager’s role is to get ordinary people to deliver extraordinary results.

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Planning for Succession

Succession planning in law firms is an issue that has long preoccupied senior and managing partners, and it is something with which all firms have had to contend, but the implications – especially for smaller firms – are becoming ever more important for management to address and mitigate.

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Two Types of Motivation

Firms in professional service industries have traditionally focused on what could be described as the avoidance, or mitigation, of pain.

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Uber-fixed Costs

Our regular readers will be familiar with our analysis of the majority of law firms as overwhelmingly fixed cost operations, and of the imperative for forward-looking firms to inject a far greater degree of flexibility into their cost structures.

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