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Still Squeezed in the Middle

In our 2011 white paper on the future for independent law firms  we identified the potential for a “Gastric Band” type squeeze on mid-market law firms – with formidable pressures both from above and below, driven by the ‘three forces’ of deregulation; globalisation and low-cost competition; and t

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Revisiting the Role of the FD

The role of the law firm Finance Director has come under increasing scrutiny during the recent years of turmoil and economic contraction.

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Managing the Partners

We have written extensively in recent years about the changes in the market and the impact these have had, and will continue to have, on the business operations of UK law firms.

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Billing Season

As we approach the festive season it is timely to reconsider one of the most deeply entrenched and unique features of the financial management of law firms – the year-end billing push.

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Cutting Out Write-Offs

There has historically been an acceptance throughout the professions, and in law firms in particular, that write-offs are simply an inevitable cost of doing business.

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Growth, Lockup and Funding

The recent PWC Law Firms’ Survey 2014 headlines highlight a set of trends that herald a return to the ‘good times’ in the legal market.

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