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Key Challenges for the Market

Having last month reviewed our 2011 report Beyond ABS: The Future for Independent Law Firms, we now turn to a recent report

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Strategic Clients - Strategic Practices

As we have argued in this article, the market segmentation described by Alan Hodgart is likely to lead many mid-market fi

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Performance Measurement

One common issue in the management of law firms is that performance falls short of expectations for a period of time, but the firm’s management only finds out when it is too late to make the requisite improvements.

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Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises - Law Firm Failure

Over the past few months the issue of law firm failures has repeatedly appeared on our agenda.

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Fixing the Roof

When we were in the midst of a deep recession, profits and cash flow were tight, and law firms reacted by looking at their operations and taking management more seriously.

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The Growth Conundrum

Lawyers often put the emphasis on growing turnover in the expectation that higher turnover produces more profit, which can translate into more drawings – which, after all, seems impeccably logical.

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