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The 3R's of Legal Business Development

Our approach to sustainable business development has for several years encompassed a six-part strategy involving:

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Innovation, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Until January 2012 the legal sector was protected to a degree by the regulatory framework which prevented non-lawyers from entering the market, and had the by-product of holding back innovation.

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Innovation and IT trends

In our article on Innovation, Effectiveness and Efficiency, we referred to Peter Drucker’s observation that in some industries innovation is not taken seriously:

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Performance Measurement - Misleading Indicators?

Some of the recent changes in the market could mean that in some firms the main performance indicators which are used may not be giving a true picture of current performance

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Staying Out of Financial Difficulty

Following our article in March addressing the issues raised by the identification of three key financial warning signs that the SRA will use to assess firms’ financial stability, the SRA has now announced that it has identified

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Tightening the Gastric Band

Two years ago, while undertaking the research for our white paper Beyond ABS – The Future for Independent Law Firms, we coined the phrase ‘the gastric band’ in reference to the three forces that are creating a seemingly ever-stronger squeez

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