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Law Firm Performance Improvement - Conversations

Conversations for Cash Flow and Business Development

In my recent Managing Partners Masterclass, one of the subjects we covered was our well established Pipeline Concept – the 5 stages of adding value in a law firm:

Get Client – Get Work – Do Work – Bill – Collect

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Law Firm Cash Flow Management - Design Matters

Is Your Firm Designed to Be Cash Positive?

In recent months I have spent time writing the update to my book Cash Flow Management for Law Firms and have now been asked to prepare a Masterc

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Learning to Thrive

There will be many losers in the coming consolidation, and the squeeze on mid-market and high-street firms from above and below is only increasing, especially as the politics of austerity has hit publicly-funded work and added to the pressures we have previously identified from deregulation

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The Art of Survival

Making sense of the statistics describing the legal market at the moment is far from straightforward. The predictions coming from commentators and even the SRA suggest financial trouble at firms across the market will lead to failures and consolidation.

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Law Firm Client Care -The Client Journey Revisited

We were first introduced to the ‘client journey’ over 10 years ago by John Niland, of Success 121, and it was a concept that helped us to re-evaluate the performance of our business in a relatively objective way and – importantly – from the perspective of the client.

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Slack in the Middle Market

One of the key issues mid-sized firms must grapple with if they are to achieve their financial potential is the level of lockup in their working capital cycles.

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