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Consistent action leads to consistent results

“I pass with relief from the tossing sea of Cause and Theory to the firm ground of Result and Fact.” ― Winston S. Churchill

For several years now, we have focused on the following definition of success: "I like the work that I do, the clients I work with, and the people I work with; and I have enough time left over and enough money from my work to enjoy the rest of my life.”

Unfortunately, even the most strongly managed firms can have difficulty turning a decision into results. Three obstacles typically hinder change in law firms:

  • The partners do not "buy in" to the proposed solution – in fact, they opt out and ensure that the decision can be taken in theory but the results will not occur in practice
  • The non-lawyers are not listened to and do not have the authority to enforce decisions even when the partners have agreed on a course of action
  • Firms do not have the resources, the skill sets and the experience available to implement change.

Delivering Results

Engaging Wilkinson Read & Partners allows you to overcome all of these obstacles.

Our interviews and workshops are specifically aimed at securing partner “buy in” to our project, and at discovering the underlying issues within the partnership that may be holding your business back.

As specialist consultants to the legal profession, our professional reputation relies on making the implementation count. Our focus is always on results, regardless of partnership politics.

And having worked with law firms for the past eighteen years, our experience and expertise in helping partners to confront the unique business challenges of running a law firm in the 21st Century is unrivalled in the UK.

"I have worked with a number of consultants in my time at John Collins & Partners, and I would like to say that you are not only the most professional that I have worked with, but that you also continue to deliver results that help to keep the firm developing and setting the standards in our area. For a non-lawyer, you have an excellent grasp of the business and partnership issues affecting our firm, and I am keen to ensure that we benefit fully from your support." - KEITH THOMAS Head of Clinical Negligence - John Collins & Partners LLP, Commercial Solictors, 20 Partners, Swansea