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What we do

Turning data into results

Working with you to identify your goals, your interests remain paramount throughout our work together.

Through quantitative and qualitative research of your data and current practices, we identify actionable insights for you, your team, your systems and your processes. Our recommendations are all based in fact, driven by our understanding of legal firms, partnerships and critical behaviours. The actions deliver performance, engaged teams, and above all else results.

Here's how it works...

  • Review
  • Insights
  • Action
  • Performance
  • Results


Without a thorough analysis of facts we only have a point of view, a gut feeling, instinct. It is true that these can get us a long way in business. However, relying purely on opinion and intuition can result in opportunities missed and serious problems unseen.

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Once we have completed our deep review of your firm’s people and processes we take away everything we have gathered and the analysis gets underway. We interrogate the data to truly understand what works well and what needs improvement based on the evidence.

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Insight is meaningless without focused action. The specific actions required will depend entirely on what the data has revealed. Find out some of the ways we currently support, enable and facilitate.

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Law firm performance is connected to the firm strategy, team performance and individual performance all working together to develop and grow the firm.

We can help to gain the buy-in of your team to help drive the firm’s business forward

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For several years now, we have focused on the following definition of success: "I like the work that I do, the clients I work with, and the people I work with; and I have enough time left over and enough money from my work to enjoy the rest of my life.”

Engaging Wilkinson Read & Partners allows you to overcome the obstacles that hinder you from achieving these results.

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