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Who we work with

We work exclusively with law firms like yours.

Wilkinson Read & Partners are trusted advisors to the legal profession. We have been helping law firms become more profitable, plan for the future and achieve sustainable success for almost 25 years.

We help Managing Partners, Senior Partners and heads of department face the challenges of today’s legal market head on. We bring clarity of thought and years of experience to bear on our clients' most pressing problems.

As recognised experts on Cash Management for Law Firms, our clients benefit from our expertise in Financial Management and Business Development. For many of our clients, management can be the most pressing challenge - and our results speak for themselves - profitable partnerships.

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy, planning sustainable growth, facing cash flow difficulties, or a squeeze on your revenues from tougher markets, you can rest assured that we have helped other firms to achieve their goals under similar conditions.


Case studies of our work with law firms

Some of the examples below are anonymised as they contain sensitive details of the law firm concerned. In other cases, the client has been more than happy for their details to be shared. All are accurate illustrations of the types of firms we can help gain, increase and sustain profitability.