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We are here to help and have expertise in Cashflow for Law Firms. We are still working to support our clients.
If you need assistance creating information for your bank, need alternative sources of funding or just
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Data-driven, fact-based management tailored to your firm
Finance - Strategy - Results
Business Development for Law Firms
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Finding the right partner to help you grow
Helping Law Firms make a match
Mergers & Acquisitions

Turning data into results

What's the most important change you need to make in your firm? Are you ready to improve profitability, increase productivity and realise your firm's potential?

1. Review and Analysis

Find out what's really going on through conversation and data interrogation.

2. Action and Performance

Implement training, develop relationships and embed new behaviours to achieve your goals.

3. Results

Enjoy the rewards delivered by an engaged team - objectives met, results realised.

What you will get when you work with Wilkinson Read

Evidence-based Insight

You need to know what's really going on in your firm to make the right strategic decisions. Data underpins all our recommendations, guidance and advice.

Improved processes

Streamlined processes to keep everyone on track - built around your clients, services and team members that are the key to the success of your firm.

Potential identified

Identifying the potential in your markets, your people, technology and the sector to ensure you are on track to make the most of every opportunity.

Experts walking by your side

Partnerships can be a tricky business! We have walked over 60 partnerships through their business development journey to date.

Tailored, bespoke services

There's no "one size fits all" or jumping on the latest business development fad, just research, insight and the right actions to achieve your goals.

Engaged and motivated people

You need your staff and stakeholders to be on board and on message with a new strategy so they can confidently perform, deliver and succeed.

Case studies: real firms, real data, real results

Restoring Stability and Securing a Successful Exit

This was a firm with serious financial issues and an aging partnership, a target for aggressive approaches from competitors. With our help, the partners were able to exit on acceptable terms following a two-year programme to restore their finances and assist them in merging from a position of stability.

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From Strong Foundations to Prosperity

This client, a well-established and highly respected firm in the South of England, worked with us over a period of years to build on their prudent financial management to double revenue and profitability and create an enviable position in a challenging market.

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Survival and Building from Strength

This was a case of a firm in dire straits when we were introduced by their bank to help. They had undergone a merger, which had resulted in looming succession issues and failing systems, and we helped them, first and foremost, to ensure their survival and then to become a real leader in their area.

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What our clients say

Wilkinson Read & Partners and Gibbens Waterfield have helped my practice generate a saving of over £30,000
Mike Franklin
Managing Partner - Franlins Solicitors, Northants
A positive and inspiring speaker; I couldn’t help but be impressed by the queue of solicitors waiting to talk to Barry after his impromptu workshop at the recent LMS annual conference.
Jane Beacham
Managing Partner